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Our teachers and team members at Tigger’s Montessori Preschool are wonderful and amazing people, who have been selected based on their experience within the Early Childhood field, their professional knowledge of teaching and nurturing young children and their philosophy of Montessori education and knowledge of child development. All of our teachers have an Early Childhood qualification or are working towards gaining one. Many of our teachers have a Montessori qualification and teaching experience from other countries around the world.
At Tigger’s we have a multicultural team with teachers from China, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal and Canada. We are also lucky to have three teachers who can speak Mandarin, our children thrive off the fantastic learning opportunities that come from this!
Each of our school’s three areas, Nursery, Junior School and Prep School has a Team Leader and supporting Teaching Team.



The Montessori Method

The Montessori method is a child focused educational approach that follows the natural development of the child. It takes the view that children are naturally eager to learn and capable of absorbing a tremendous amount of knowledge through experiences in their environment. Our Montessori preschool is a special environment for children. They are free to choose their own work, follow their own interests and move freely from one activity to another. There is a structure to the day but freedom within those boundaries. The role of the teacher in the classroom is to follow the child and carefully guide them based on what they observe, the classroom is always prepared by the teacher and ready for the children to begin their day. It is ordered, tidy and calm with many different areas for children to learn: by themselves, in pairs, in small or large groups, on the mat or at a table.

The Curriculum

Essential to the Montessori Method is the Montessori curriculum which is child centred and incorporates learning outcomes tailored to each child’s development needs and interests.

The Montessori curriculum covers five key learning areas; Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics and Culture. At Tigger’s we also teach children about Geography, History, Science, Art and Creativity, Social Skills, Music and Dance, interweaving Te Whariki New Zealand’s Early childhood curriculum as part of our programme. We aim to deliver a holistic educational programme that is unique and develops a happy well-rounded child who is well prepared for the next step in their learning journey.

Practical Life

Practical life activities help children learn how to care for themselves and their environment. These activities encourage the child to become more independent leading to greater self-confidence, develop coordination, concentration and responsibly. These activities can include washing, preparing food, sweeping, spooning and cleaning.

Boy using bowls


Sensorial materials were designed by Maria Montessori to help children express ad classify their sensory experiences. These materials help the child develop and refine their five senses. Activities often include matching and grading materials that isolate the senses. Like many materials in the Montessori classroom the sensorial materials have a “control of error” and the children can check their own work without asking a teacher. This helps promote independence and enhance problem solving skills. The sensorial materials include among others the pink tower, cylinder blocks, colour tablets and the trinomial cube.

DSC_5544 Sensoral for web


Language materials are designed to enhance vocabulary and explore both the written and spoken word. The children are encouraged to share news at mat time and there are many opportunities for listening to stories. We have a book corner and the children can enjoy quiet reading moments at any time. They learn the sounds letters make and progress to building words phonetically. The materials in the classroom are the sandpaper letters and the Large Movable Alphabet.

Boy writing letters


Mathematics concepts are introduced to the child using concrete materials. Initial explorations encourage the children to understand basic number concepts such as number recognition, counting and sequencing numbers. As in all areas of the Montessori classroom the teacher will encourage number work of the child shows an interest. Our materials in this area include the short bead stair, cards and counters and the golden beads.

DSC_5710 mathematics for web


Culture activities lead the child to experience music stories and art from all cultures. We are proud to provide Mandarin, French and ballet lessons at our preschool and these activities are very popular with the children. Geography and science are also included in this area and we have a range of globes, puzzle maps and a variety of activities which help the children develop an awareness and appreciation of the world around them.


Te Whāriki

We are committed to follow the aspirations of the New Zealand National ECE Curiculum, Te Whāriki, “For children to grow up as competent and confident learners and communicators, healthy in mind, body and spirit, secure in their sense of belonging and in the knowledge that they make a valued contribution to society”.

Te Whāriki envisages kaiako in early learning settings working in partnership with parents, whānau and community to realise this vision. The expectation is that, in their early years, children will experience a curriculum that empowers them as lifelong learners.

Te Whāriki supports this work by providing a framework of principles and strands.

The principles are the foundations of curriculum decision making and a guide for every aspect of pedagogy and practice.

The strands are 5 areas of learning and development, where the focus is on supporting children to develop the capabilities they need as confident and competent learners.

Each setting takes these principles and strands and, in partnership with parents and whānau, uses them to ‘weave’ a curriculum whāriki that is specifically designed for their children.


School Holiday Programme

Tigger’s also offers a School Holiday Programme in conjunction with the public schooling holiday timetable, at no additional charge, with a great variety of fun games, dress up days, and much more.

We aim for fun and exploration within the daily programme, with mat times, stories, music and role play, discovery of the world, taking care of the environment and gardening. Whilst harnessing the creative energy in each child, in an environment that is a home way from home.

Our Environment

Tigger’s Montessori Preschool has been architectually designed to incorporate an indoor-outdoor flow that enables each child to explore the environment as a total sensorial experience.

Each area within the three learning centres are designed for all day sun and natural light.

The Nursery, Junior School and Prep School offer a range of spaces that enhance the child’s age/stage and developmental needs as prime focus both within the indoor and outdoor environments – which facilitate a variety of experiences for each and every child.

Wet play areas, gross and fine motor skill activities, quiet reading spaces, art/creativity areas, and individual and table spaces combine to make the total play area.

The Prep School incorporates a discovery room/library/computer learning area and an Extended Day/Pre-Primary extension classroom.

Nursery School

Nursery School

Our nursery provides a calm, caring environment with teacher/child ratios that ensure individual attention for your child. Our babies are involved in a sensory-based programme of exploration and discovery.

Junior School

Junior School

Learning foundations are created for advancement to the Prep School with an emphasis on independence, cooperation, building relationships, and freedom of choice within our calm and enriching environment.

Prep School

Prep School

Our curriculum’s emphasis on pre-writing, pre-reading, and maths skills is enhanced. Our purpose-built facilities include separate art/creativity and science room, Extension Classroom and Discovery Room.

Kahiatea Room

Kahiatea Room

The children who are 4 to 5 years are given the chance to extend their morning work cycle in our purpose built transition to school classroom. Teachers works along children to extend their interests and abilities.

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