‘Enriching Children’s Lives’

1. As Montessori educationalists we believe that no person is educated by another but he or she must do it himself/herself.

2. Your child’s education is a continuing process motivated by a natural curiosity and a thirst for knowledge to help satisfy a love of learning.

3. An intense fascination to master the most simple to complex skills is apparent during the early stages of a child’s life. A child must be given freedom to choose activities which correspond to the moment of interest thus enabling an enthusiasm for learning to be fostered.

4. The structured environment encompasses boundaries for exploration that in turn create cooperation, self-confidence, self-discipline and a care of the environment. Children learn social graces and care of self with the anticipation of becoming responsible members of society.

5. All children are encouraged to respect the rights of others and develop a love of self and the universe of which they are a contributing member in their world.

6. Children are given freedom within limits, staff are caring, consistent and positive in the promotion of development, growth and understanding within an acceptance of limitation and boundaries.

7. Tigger’s environment encourages every child to participate and enjoy the value of the ‘process’, not merely the completion of the task. It is in ‘doing’ that we experience sensorial awareness of the activity and its purposes.

8. We strive to create an atmosphere of peace, generosity, order and cooperation in which every child will thrive.

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2021 Enrolment Special
Enrol with us before February 15th 2021 &
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